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Windsurfing Kids/Youngsters Lessons Fuerteventura

Generally the age to start windsurfing for kids is between 6 and 10. Due to the difference in physical and mental development that children have in this age the ION CLUB instructor will decide together with the parents if all the necessary requirements like age, weight and experiences in other sports are given that the boy or girl will participate successfully in a kids windsurfing course. In case of doubt, little games or exercises on land or on water will indicate whether it makes sense or not.


The practical and theoretical basics of windsurfing are the subjects in a windsurfing beginner course. The kids and youngsters learn standards like wind recognition, basic equipment, board & rig, rigging and derigging, getting on the board, pulling up the sail and getting going, stopping, steering and the corresponding forces, courses, getting windward, tacking on water and on land are part of every modern windsurfing-course.

Thanks to beginner-friendly equipment, the first results won't be long in coming. ION CLUB provides provides beginner boards with enough stability and buoyancy to get going. Very light kids and junior rigs (mast, sail and boom ensemble) in graduated sizes as from 1 m² make windsurfing a snap.

Especially Risco del Paso come up with ideal conditions for kids and youngster lessons. Most lessons will take place in very shallow water, so that children feel very comfortable and safe. The group can easily stay together as most of the time they can walk back to the instructor before drifting away.

But also at Costa Calma the conditions are right. Especially in the morning time the wind and the water is more calm. Therefore most of the beginner courses at Costa Calma are organized in the morning time. The fact that most of the accommodations are nearby to the center, it's a short way for the kids to come and join the course.


Age: 6 to 11 years
3 hour course (1,5 h per session, 2 days)
6 hour course (1,5 h per session, 4 days)
Maximum 5 kids per instructor


Age: 12 to 16 years
4 hour course
6 hour course
10 hour course
Maximum 8 youngsters per instructor