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Windsurfing Equipment

On Fuerteventura we stock our 2 windsurfing centers with the latest and best equipment of Fanatic and DUOTONE. This means that you can always have the right equipment when you are on the water, no matter what your current level or the level you are reaching for. For us, Fanatic and DUOTONE are the ideal combination to provide you with simply the best.

With a tradition of more than 30 years, Fanatic and DUOTONE/North Sails stand for shapes and sails that can be ridden by everyone and at the same time be World Cup contenders. Another key factor for the long lasting successful history of Fanatic and North Sails is the people behind the two brands. These people are a guarantor for consistency and constancy of high quality Fanatic products.

Our centers at Risco del Paso and Costa Calma will be equipped with the latest range of Fanatic and DUOTONE.