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Surfing ION CLUB Fuerteventura

For 2016 we are expanding the activities program at our ION CLU B Fuerteventura. Wave-riding is not only a welcome diversion on windless days, but it is a great alternative to all the other wind driven sports. There are many, above all our younger guests, for whom surfing is truly the best. Fuerteventura, with its numerous surfing spots, is predestined as a focus for this target group. The conditions at our ION CLU B centers in Costa Calma and Esquinzo are frequently great for entry level surfers, which is why the initial lessons for your first experiences in surfing are frequently held here. For advanced riders we also have surf boards for hire, which can be taken out to other surfing spots. Our range encompasses entry level soft deck boards in the sizes 6.7/6.9/7.2/8.0/9.0 and for advanced surfers we have hardboards in the following lengths 5.8/5.10/6.0/6.2/6.6. 


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