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Risco del Paso Fuerteventura

The spot at Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento

The ION CLUB team is well prepared to give you an unforgettable windsurfing holiday on Fuerteventura. Only a few spots in the world offer so many different conditions all in the same place. The huge sandy beach at Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento, a safe shallow water area and wind all year round makes Risco del Paso a unique spot. The windsurfing speed track in Risco del Paso in front of the ION CLUB center really lives up to its name. Depending on the tide there is a large shallow area in front of the center, which is superb for intermediate sailors to practice waterstarts and jibes. Another advantage when the tide is up, there are two shallow water pools which are used for beginner lessons, giving the students a very safe feeling. More windward of the center there is a nice wave sailing spot with waves up to a maximum of 2 meters. It is brilliant for those who want to make the first steps in wave sailing as the waves normally break very smoothly and the sandy bottom is harmless. Kite lessons are held to the left and separate from the windsurfing area.

Wind and Waves at Risco del Paso

The hills right behind the beach of Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento accelerate the normal wind strength and also alter the direction of the wind. The direction is more north to northwesterly than northeasterly, and blows side-offshore to offshore from the left. Particularly in the summer months the wind is quite strong and very reliable, but also in spring and autumn there are very good conditions making a windsurfing or kitesurfing trip worthwhile at this time. The waves to the left hand side can get up to two meters high. The waves turn to the direction of the beach due to the large sandbank which divides the lagoon, the open sea and the shape of the bay. This makes for fantastic waveriding conditions especially for beginners. There are no rocks or stones to disturb your session, only pure sand.

The Center at Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento

The center at Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento is located on the left hand side of the parking area. Windsurfers will find the center equipped with the latest boards from the Fanatic range and North Sails rigs. There is a range of Freeride, Freestyle and Wave boards as well as a variety of North Sails. For beginners there are fifteen Fanatic Viper school boards with adequate North school rigs. For Kite lessons there are 50 North Kites as well as 20 North Kiteboards of different sizes in stock.


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