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Costa Calma Fuerteventura

With two windsurfing centers in Fuerteventura you are not short of choice for your next great windsurfing session. Also our second ION CLUB windsurfing center at Costa Calma is very well equipped with the latest range of windsurfing rental equipment from Fanatic and North Sails. You will find The ION CLUB Costa Calma directly in the middle of the huge sandy beach of Costa Calma, in front of the Hotel Monica Beach. Enjoy the unique comfort of this spot, as it is only a short walk away from most of the hotels. Besides the advantage of short ways between accommodation and center you will find brilliant windsurfing conditions, especially for beginners in the morning and for intermediates and freeride sailors during the day. In the morning, starter lessons will normally take place in calm conditions with almost no waves disturbing. Once the wind machine of Fuerteventura is turned on, Freeriders will find excellent flat water conditions to speed up.

Wind and Waves at Costa Calma

The main direction of the wind is cross-offshore from the left. Due to the hotels the wind is quite gusty for the first 100 meters. Further out the wind is more constant and ideal for freeriders and bump & jump. During summer the wind can easily pick up to 30 knots outside, but at the beach most of the time the conditions are suitable for beginners and intermediate windsurfers thanks to wind protection from the hotels. At low tide you can easily stand for the first 30 meters as the sandy beach drops down smoothly. At high tide it gets deep after the first 10 to 15 meters. In the afternoon you can find a harmless little beachbreak due to the sandy beach. Directly in front of the center there is a sandy 40 m entrance reserved for windsurfers.

The Center at Costa Calma

Directly on the long sandy beach of Costa Calma is our windsurfing and SUP station, equipped with the latest material from FANATIC and North Sails. Here you can start your windsurfing course or just rent material.
 The wind blows all year round and there are rarely days without wind. In light wind, ION CLUB Costa Calma has been offering windsurfing foil lessons and rental since the season of 2018 - the latest trend in water sports. If you're an advanced windsurfer you can enjoy the sensational feeling of flying over water after just a few lessons. If there really is no wind at all, you can enjoy your workout on the water with our FANATIC Stand Up Paddle Boards or let our team teach you the subtleties and techniques of paddling.

Children and beginners can take their course at one of the most famous windsurfing spots in the world, with our multilingual and licensed instructors, to get the VDWS windsurfing license. In general we offer courses for all windsurfing levels.

 Thanks to our professional and friendly ION CLUB lifeguard team, you can enjoy our wide range in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Two rescue towers, a jet ski, a motorboat and a quad are always ready to help you.

 The beauty of Costa Calma - on the water, the ION CLUB guests are almost only among themselves, and kitesurfing is not allowed here.

At the ION CLUB Costa Calma you can make the most of the proximity and amenities on site: Within walking distance of the hotels, the location is perfect for families, even the beach bar, with fine coffee and Spanish cuisine, is just steps away from the center.
 Just in front of the ION CLUB you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas for your family or just for yourself.
The most important event, every Thursday, is our happy hour to which we would like to invite you. A popular meeting place to talk about the experiences of the day with like-minded people, to enjoy a few drinks within our windsurfing community and to get to know our team better surrounded with good music. The ION CLUB team is looking forward to seeing you!




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